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The preaching of the Word of God is a significant feature of all of the Cathedral’s main services, especially on Sundays. Most of the sermons are preached by the resident clergy of the Cathedral but we also welcome the bishops of the Diocese and guest preachers — both lay and ordained — from near and far.

    Title Preacher  Date 
  Easter 2 James Knowles 8 April 2018
  Easter Day Martin Seeley 1 April 2018
  Wednesday in Holy Week Tim Stevens 28 March 2018
  Tuesday in Holy Week Tim Stevens 27 March 2018
  Monday in Holy Week Tim Stevens 26 March 2018
  Freedom of Speech Andrew Caldecott 18 March 2018
  Passion Sunday Keith Jones 18 March 2018 
  Your Relationship with God Ruth Dennigan 4 March 2018